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Suman Das

Born and brought up in Kolkata [the erstwhile city of Calcutta in India]—the city of diverse cultures and colours; a receptacle of history with richness of tradition engraved and carved on it all through—Suman Das is an ardent admirer of the age old, unplastered brick walls that silently talk of history. Being a student of literature and philosophy, music and photography, he has always endeavoured to satiate his quest to know the deeper meaning of life through the visible world. And yet he does not neglect any opportunity to listen to the silent voice of night. To him, daylight shows, but darkness offers the moment to meditate and realize.

Suman has always felt an innate affinity for capturing the moments of life; not just his own, but that of the animals and insects and birds and all that he finds important and not necessarily beautiful. He was introduced to photography early in his childhood with the aid of a simple camera by his father who happens to be an amateur in this field of art as well. But Suman felt a real vibe deep within for this great domain of culture, thought and practice to be an active part of this world of shades—body and soul— only a few years ago after his study of the works by the great luminaries like Satyajit Ray, Steve Luck, Nicholas Samaras, Andreas Gursky, Wang Qingsong, Nitin Rai et al.

Suman follows a basic rule of thumb in his practice of photography: to look into the significance of the simple objects strewn around in the world. He is not attracted to the prominent beauties alone. Besides, he is an aficionado of western classical music and Indian philosophy. And to him these two spheres of wisdom can teach and train any mind to read between the lines in life and feel the Power of Divinity that exists in the most basic forms of life. His works reveal his philosophy of life that rests solely in loving and loving life alone in all its possible shades.

By profession a teacher, Suman loves to travel a lot and wishes to excel in his art of photography. This website is especially meant to showcase his works and to deliver his idea that:

 Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on”  [Samuel Butler’s speech at the Somerville Club, 27th February, 1895].

  The Photographer’s Voice

"A Lover of Nature" is how i would describe myself. I wish to hold the colours and sights of Nature "at bay" and therefore i call my website "Moments at Bay". My photographs would define my philosophy itself, and i do hardly need any word other than the works to say aloud on my silent behalf: "Hail to thee, my Blessed Life that offers me so much to feel happiness within and without, and also to unflinchingly offer my dear viewers a taste of the same…[.]”

"What is your aim in philosophy?—To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle”
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951); Philosophische Untersuchungen

Suman Das; India
Website opened on: 18th June, 2017

P.S.: Before long I do wish to make my works available in digital file formats to all my dear viewers. But that is still in the plain of consideration.



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