Beauty and Essential Crisis

Beauty and Essential Crisis momentsatbay

Beauty is that element present in body, in thought, in sensations that pulls and attracts an admiring sense organ towards that entity. It has that innate power to benumb the acuity of all senses and thus summon an altogether different “real reality” that feels like being the only reachable Truth. But feelings change over the course of time, and that which is now so new should soon cease to be like that. And thoughts change with the change of perspective. All our senses are so fickle indeed that they never learnt the Grand Constancy. The “new” then appears withered and wizened. It is that very thought of crisis that then feels like being more real than the preceding episode of joy and ecstasy in colour, smell, and silence. That is essential crisis. Crisis in itself is a great part that constitutes our essence of being here and now, and everywhere else.

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