Monsoon Dedication

Monsoon-dedication a Rain-drop momentsatbay

This is the rainy season in my region [my beloved country "Bharat" that geography calls India]. This is a very sweet and refreshing period in here, and the green becomes greener. I am truly grateful to all my viewers for their time and choice, and that they spent time on my inferior works.

From that sense of gratitude i do dedicate this picture to all the citizens of the World [my sisters and brothers, and friends and teachers]. Thank you dear viewers from United States of America, Germany, Italy, Philippines, China, Canada, Russia, France, Israel, Kuwait, Japan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and even Pakistan.

I only hope that terrorism turns into a beautiful flower of communal harmony and international brotherhood drenched in the colours of simple grass and water and the sky and the perfect vacuum [that defines our diverse selves]

Happy Life!
Kolkata; India
24th July, 2017 [5:35pm]


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