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Embodiment of Independence


To Move is to Live

To Move Is to feel and know and see... To feel and understand Is to be... And if i move I can hate, dislike and even love.
I see all corpses With their bodies cold But since i myself move I can have things told Of the here and now And to the living world my weird perspective show.
S. [Suman Das; 31st July, 2017: 10:09pm] dedicated to my 1-day deceased uncle


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The Eye

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The Crab

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I found this incredible cluster of Mushrooms at the Kashi Mitra Crematorium today while the lengthy process of cremating my uncle was going on. Death and celebration of death is somewhat organically related to life itself. Life is a difficult admixture of episodes of every possible colour and shade. These mushrooms do seem to convey some certain message to the living world and the bark on which these grew huddling together was dead for many years. Death is the foundation of life. And to that alone life must pay the final point after the completion of the journey.
I do dedicate this to "his" memory. May be he shall be re-born as another mushroom tomorrow before the day dawns.
Suman Das 30th July, 2017

The Soul in the Woods

Moment of Soulless Solitude
I had walked into a silent wood. The rustling leaves—dry, brown and old— Did add a sombre solitude Amidst the sequestered rays in gold That peered across the moment quiet Making my soulless presence sad.
Suman Das
   29th July, 2017 [9:12am]   

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The Labourer

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Twin Sisters

What can be more wondrous Than the pair That is born alike Yet never despair Not being unique?
Two bodies and two minds formed At one and single moment joyous To share and sneak Into each others’ confidence For they have one soul What though in different mould do lie For they just share And thus just bare Each other in smiles and tears and in innocuous diffidence.
Suman Das [5th April, 2017]

Sticky Spheres

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The Bearded Crow

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The Dying Day

The Sun may set and the day may turn in leaving all in the dark realm of Night. But the cinders are too powerful to get doused instantly. The Mighty Sun would leave His Burning traces all over for the lowly living—though may not be visible—that would impress the soul in a way to harbor hopes for another precious moment of brightness and warmth even when Darkness Reigns supreme. The hills and mountain ranges, that look blue in the morn, would now appear armoured in His Healing Warmth.  
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Crystal Fluid

Better it is to live a simple life amidst plain pleasures than to dream a thousand worldly "Arabian Nights" and get nothing at the end of the day. A bath at the end of a day's intense labour is more enlivening than an expensive drink on a day devoted to perfect idleness. These people, mostly children, live their life in need and other desperate situations that do constantly challenge their existence. But they are the ones who can really laugh their heart out, and frolic in the cold water of the Ganges before taking a bite.
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The Dry Beach

The Dry beach--being left to itself by the receding tide at dawn--and the crab-eggs!! In my truest of opinions we HUMAN BEINGS should voluntarily perish to save  Nature. Dear friends! I beseech thee all to die and leave the beautiful world to itself!!!! Now, you may curse me, but this is what I wish.
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Cosy Shelter

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Chrysanthemum and Fly

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Curiosity and Knowledge

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Monsoon Dedication

This is the rainy season in my region [my beloved country "Bharat" that geography calls India]. This is a very sweet and refreshing period in here, and the green becomes greener. I am truly grateful to all my viewers for their time and choice, and that they spent time on my inferior works.

From that sense of gratitude i do dedicate this picture to all the citizens of the World [my sisters and brothers, and friends and teachers]. Thank you dear viewers from United States of America, Germany, Italy, Philippines, China, Canada, Russia, France, Israel, Kuwait, Japan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and even Pakistan.

I only hope that terrorism turns into a beautiful flower of communal harmony and international brotherhood drenched in the colours of simple grass and water and the sky and the perfect vacuum [that defines our diverse selves]

Happy Life!
Kolkata; India
24th July, 2017 [5:35pm]

The Last Drop

Now that the last drop is left untouched But rather preserved, protected  Much like a a mother holding pressingly unto her dry breast Let it be there...
I would rather, loathingly and lovingly, Leave it unto the posterity To imbibe in it and thrive For another episode of fruitless human journey...
Suman Das; 19the April, 2015.
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Human Wings

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O For a Drop of...

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Dragon Wings

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The Silent Watcher of the Ways of the World

It keeps watching us all at the end of the day when the sun is about to set pausing all the day-long tumult in movement and thoughts.
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The Philosopher of a Day

What bright eyes you have dear bird! Those are the eyes of the best of all our philosophers...
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Life for Life's Sake

Beauty is just a visual impression, and what lies beneath the beautiful is appetite and survival strategies even at the cost of other lives that are also beautiful and wonderful. Such is the rule that help the formation of the food-chain.
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Childhood Fun

Childhood is that period in transition that lasts not for a long time in actuality, but stays with us all through our life in mind and soul. I have often heard men of all shapes and sizes, all ages and choices talking about their childhood days in a way that showed how much they would love to live a life in their little form once again. And why not? I know the answer just as well as you all do!!
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Fairy's Wings

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Sleeping Wings

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The Nine Divine Heads

The Nine Great Sages regained Their Consciousness Divine— After thousand eras of meditation true— On Vishnu’s Loving Bidding, the devotee of the cycle of Time. The Sun shone mildly upon Nature’s own Behest And my puny self saw the Shade of Lord’s Own Soul Suspended in Heaven’s Crest Watching us all like a Mother and Guru!
Suman Das 19th August, 2015; 3:41pm
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Freshness and Life

Dew upon coriander leaves still very young
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Love on the Tip of Grass

I took this photograph at Shaktipur; Murshidabad on 28th December, 2013. It was a foggy morning, and the sticky dew drops would not drop off easily, and would rather cling to the green, frail blades of grass most endearingly. And as the cold breeze made them shiver like innocent orphans in some ruthless orphanage, they appeared even more alive and if they were afraid of the Sun that would make them die in no time, and yet the will to stay alive was so poignantly present in every quivering crystal orb that trembled but, nonetheless, fastened itself onto the green all around.
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Bhutta-Flakes by the Beach

"Bhutta Flakes" The vendors use a machine with a cog-wheel to roll the 'bhutta' in a way to bake it lovely-ly [forget the grammar]. This young boy actually kept rolling the wheel for I was going on taking snaps to get the best shot. I do not know what had happened to THAT 'bhutta' and who the UNLUCKY customer was. But, nonetheless, a lovely moment!! Thank you bhai and behen-ji!! 
Place: Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Uncertain Voyage

An Un-certain Voyage
A tiny boat of life is floating midway upon the sea of blood... While i, a petty seer, stood thousand miles away from the difference... Difference that defines the vibration called action... Life is not just breathing... Life is a bigger tale of seething... And many a times have I felt death or eternity Leaning heavily upon my eyelids soft!
Suman Das; 18.12.2013.

The Mirror


Fair Ferocity

A perfect example of the Horatian phrase "concordia discors" a tiger is beautiful and ferocious. Nature, as a living Creator, is a strange entity. Not even our best minds can deconstruct It fully and judge Its Supreme Ways.

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Forest Flower

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My Last Sunset

My Last Sunset
To say one last goodbye to all I perched on one tall bamboo pole And saw the sunset, the remaining last, And felt it deep in my own soul.
Suman Das 22nd April, 2017 [11:42pm]

Inquisitive Eyes

The fledgling looks up into the sky. Its inquisitive eyes—  Like two big goggles— Make it think how high That blue face is! “Will my wings e’er Carry me there And help me kiss My ambition and purpose Of life?”
And so The now so little crow Stretches its wings And thinks How to grow And prepare for the life-long strife. Yes, Life is full of struggles.
Suman Das 16th July, 2017 [11:18pm; Kolkata]

Wet Leaves

They cry when it rains! But these are tears of happiness...


Dew on Gerbera petals




Well, in Shri Krishna's Eye we are all the same!

Silent Conversation

The canopy looks nude today. The skeletal boughs are trembling against the forces of the wind; and, as the branches move against each other producing a fricative noise, the trees converse in their own grating voice. Their thoughts being in a state of flux, we make not out what they say or sing about. The wind blows on and we see dry leaves shifting their place down below where we stand and shall remain thus…[.]
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Like bold drops of rain suspended midway in the air, the blossoms—as if they all rained from the heavens when time stopped all of a sudden—got stuck making the deep green backdrop look like an over-filled garden hanging from somewhere in the air.
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The Old Man Watching

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Uphill Journey

This is what life is all about. One needs to endeavour to get to the top.
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Sunrise upon the Bay of Bengal

So full of grandeur is this sight  In which eternal silence reigns supreme.  And yet one can hear  The sacred music of the sphere  Resonating across this Moment prime.
Suman Das  13th July, 2017
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The Queen of the Lake

A queen is not known by the gown she wears. She is recognized by her gait that is so full of grace and fluidity. 

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Rocky Wall

A just epitome of contradiction, this beautiful wall of adamantine rock serves as a natural barrier. But lo! While the deep green that mantles the range like a regal scarf casts enchantment upon the eyes and sensations, and invites the mind with a driving force to physically be there and move even beyond that, the high wall sends a grave reverberation of its serious features and to that one is sure to feel a deep sense of awe.
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