The Universe of Sparks

The Universe of Sparks momentsatbay

Human faculty of imagination is a potent organization founded on meditation and perception [one’s perspective] where apparently dis-organized elements are given harmony and pattern and motif and definiteness. To the imaginative the visible world is a mere admixture of random colours thrown on a white page by a small child who is gradually getting experienced in the art of painting: the banal. To such a powerful mind that works most effectively in solitude, the sphere that stays not visible and tangible to the regular senses of ours is full of harmony and shape. And though it seems inchoate initially, meditation and union with one’s inner self can yield the Sparks that are always already there—here and everywhere; within and without—show themselves up just as a tree bears fruit when the correct time and effort ripen[s].

Suman Das [1st July, 2017; 9:54am]

P.S.: This is a real photograph and not a photoshop-work as it might appear.


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