Suspicious Eyes

Suspicious Eyes momentsatbay

Perhaps the cutest pet one can have in one's domestic sphere, a cat is so full of surprises. It surely has more variety in its character than any other animal. And hence this is a colourful creature that needs cuddling, a piece of fish, a flat dish of milk, rats to play with, and, during the cold winter, your own thick blanket to bury itself in and dream the best dreams it is capable of. The warmth of the sun enlivens their laziness, and the mere sight of a tub of water you take it to for cleansing threatens its furry existence! 

Kitty!! Your eyes are the prettiest in the entire world, and your "mew" is more melodious and loving than the word 'love' itself!!

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  1. Beautiful ginger cat. wish the watermark was somewhat more discretely affixed. Makes it hard to admire the beautiful face.


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