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The Universe of Sparks

Human faculty of imagination is a potent organization founded on meditation and perception [one’s perspective] where apparently dis-organized elements are given harmony and pattern and motif and definiteness. To the imaginative the visible world is a mere admixture of random colours thrown on a white page by a small child who is gradually getting experienced in the art of painting: the banal. To such a powerful mind that works most effectively in solitude, the sphere that stays not visible and tangible to the regular senses of ours is full of harmony and shape. And though it seems inchoate initially, meditation and union with one’s inner self can yield the Sparks that are always already there—here and everywhere; within and without—show themselves up just as a tree bears fruit when the correct time and effort ripen[s].
Suman Das [1st July, 2017; 9:54am]

P.S.: This is a real photograph and not a photoshop-work as it might appear.

Nature's Warbler

These beauties have a very mild cry that would make you feel a soft love and admiration for these. They would hop around from one point to another seeking small insects or something like that to feed on, and sing while searching. Very quick and sudden in their movement, you cannot easily take your eyes and attention off them owing to their peculiarly sing-song cry if not for their deep yellowish-green back and brilliant eyes.
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Hide and Seek

They have a heart and mind to play with their biggest threats. Now, what the true fact is behind such a peering eye I cannot say. But from a puerile perspective I could only believe that it was playing hide and seek with me. Often did I fail to have it within my frame, but what can defeat a patient lens?
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Suspended Diamonds

Life is always in transition. And so are all its elements—big and small; abstract and concrete; the living and the dead. Even in this continuum, moments of blissful sights and sounds, fragrance and romance can be experienced and enjoyed. John Keats did rightly write that “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. In fact, that thing is an intrinsic part of the moment when it can be seen in its climactic point in terms of its beauty and effulgence. This “Moment of Suspended Diamonds” demonstrates the idea. They would hang on that fine and almost invisible spider-web—now, just a left-over of a once a fuller one that had helped the creator catch so many preys—till the sun brightens and vaporizes the whole lace of beauteous arrangement into mere naught.
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To balance on one foot and then keep standing for hours on end is really a Herculean task for others. But such a difficult feat is just a part of the instinct of these egrets. 

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Trapeze Artist in the Woods

Flexible, agile, and athlete from tip to toe, a squirrel is full of excitement for food if not for attention too! 

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Hunter's Patience

Patience—and not guns or arrows—is the only weapon that can help a hunter perform his act. Patience is that which gives the hunter-mind the proper endurance to bear the pain of waiting and watching for hours on end that itself does not assure success at any point of painful watch.
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Suspicious Eyes

Perhaps the cutest pet one can have in one's domestic sphere, a cat is so full of surprises. It surely has more variety in its character than any other animal. And hence this is a colourful creature that needs cuddling, a piece of fish, a flat dish of milk, rats to play with, and, during the cold winter, your own thick blanket to bury itself in and dream the best dreams it is capable of. The warmth of the sun enlivens their laziness, and the mere sight of a tub of water you take it to for cleansing threatens its furry existence! 

Kitty!! Your eyes are the prettiest in the entire world, and your "mew" is more melodious and loving than the word 'love' itself!!

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Curious Squirrel

With their perpetually sniffing nostrils and beady eyes that only black pearls can rival to some degree, squirrels make both for admiration and fun in equal terms. Such agile features; such one powerful brush-like tail; and such a natural display of nimble motion with the ever-quivering ears ready to catch every sound or grating movement of threats or food make this animal a potent example of "life". Yes, life is not just defined in them. Life, in fact, is defined by them.

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The Crafty Eyes

With four pair of eyes and legs these are one of the most crafty insects that live with us. Dangerous as they might seem and feel like to the weak-hearted, these are very tender beings that only look for small insects as their prey and food. I believe that if there is any creature that lives with us then that is "us":the human beings. We are creating an imbalance in Nature. Love spiders, and other insects, and please do NOT harm them. They have a right to live.

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The Digger

I found these birds very interesting. They hop around this shallow part of the forest river [in Neora; Gorumara Forest] and look for small living creatures like fishes and fries and shell and water insects. They jump about all the time and get to a maximum of their knee-deep water poking the sand or mud-bed with their sharp beaks. Against the placid and clear layer of the mirror-like shiny surface that reflected the blue of the clear sky above, these small birds looked like little diggers of immense wealth that lay hidden under the ripples.

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Mighty Eagle

A mighty bird that can aim at its prey from miles above the ground before diving down to go for it unfailingly, an eagle is a beautiful bird that has a perfect instinct of a hunter. I often wonder why some of the most beauteous animals in the planet are often the most dangerous and life-threatening!
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Ephemeral Pearls that Fade Away with Time

Mostly seen in winter, the cob-webs look like bejeweled necklaces with pearls or diamonds hanging from the finest strands. So lusty these drops are that they would not fall off despite the strong gale that continue to flow through this fine network of Nature's Fancy. 

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The Softest Bed

Soothing to the eye and opiate for the tired mind, a soft bed of half-wet grass beneath the luxuriant canopy of green leaves can offer a befitting haven for a man who needs to stop and rest. For others, just a beautiful sight of the heaven on earth.

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A Souvenir of the Final Evening

The petals were blue, but with the gradual loss of the remaining daylight the blue grew darker as if the ever-darkening sky left the last drop of its blue upon the frail fingers of the blossoms which the latter retained with great care and love. In fact, they wore the colour as if there would never be another day: A souvenir of the last evening before the final bell.
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The Swing

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The Islands

Solitude is perfectly visible in this part of the country. Big rocks and boulders appear like thousands of elephants taking bath in the shallow river called “Subarnarekha”. This picture is a miniscule form of our own present world where human identity is defined not clearly but only in silhouettes. We are mere islanders but we hope to reach out to the rest of the world in search of life even when darkness persists.
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The Innocent Thief

Very few insects are perhaps more beautiful than the butterflies. The wings with all their colourful patterns do cast a magical spell on the eyes that see them. When the early-morning dews cling to them they look colourfully decked in exquisite pearls, and who can then fail to look at them admiringly?
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To Fathom the Emptiness

Birds are the denizens of the high. They breathe in the most pure air, and they descend from their high estate only to give us—the less fortunate ones—a taste of the higher plain. And though they come down for a short time, they keep their ambition and desire perpetually high.

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For the Passers-by

"Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,  And waste its sweetness on the desert air" [Thomas Gray in Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard]

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Blushing Petals

I do not find any difference between a new-born animal and a newly unfurled flower. They all look so full of life and full of joy. Innocence and health seem[s] to overbrim the petals or lips or rapture, and bliss is made visible to the eyes that see and the fingers that touch the dew-clad wetness. And then "God be praised" is heard!

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photograph taken on: 29th May, 2017

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The end of a day feels as quiet as the end of an active life.

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Photograph taken on: 9th March, 2014

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Dew on Coriander Flower

The soothing wintry wind sways the delicate twigs to and and fro, but the dew-drops must be too obstinate to drop down easily. The petals and leaves are their tiny cradles throughout their ephemeral stay on earth.

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Face of History

History speaks to humanity in utmost silence. Not every man can listen to her pregnant thoughts. And those who can and honour, they thrive. While the others who write pages of history and of experience on their own, they do often lose their way in their attempt to paint the world in sheer novelty and newness of ideas and individual activities. History alone stays forever smiling....

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The Divine Himalaya

Suspended by Lord Krishna’s Will
The Him-alaya should stay Divine and still...

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Photograph taken on: 24th March, 2014

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Memory in a Lifeless Shell

It travels millions of miles under the turbulent waves of the ocean before reaching the shore just as we live millions of experiences before reaching any moment of finality.

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Photograph taken on: 11th August, 2013
Posted on: 21st June, 2017

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All the Seven Horses of the Sun

The Sky is perhaps the best canvas upon which the Sun leaves myriad shades of warmth and darkness to define all possible moments of meditation.

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photograph taken on: 30th July, 2013

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Love on the Tip of Grass

Every dawn a walk down the dew-laden grass-bed feels like being in the heaven of perfect joy. The soft feelings brings home peace and quietude. And that alone is the be all and end all of a simple life.

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Youthful Spirit

Nowhere is Youth more vibrant or alive than in the green boughs that sway in the breeze of spring.
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Posted on: 20th June, 2017 [11:23pm]

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Where the Cricket Sings

It is quite one thing to listen to the monotonous cry of crickets at night, and quite the other thing to see them escaping the sunlight when they accidentally get exposed to the heat and light. Funny creatures!
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Posted on: 20th June, 2017 [8:54pm]

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Curious Neck

Saharan, a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh ["The Land of Gods"], seems to be a world of beautiful lizards and other reptiles. When one of these is accidentally encountered, it sulks away but the very next moment it juts out its head to find out who you are.

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posted on: 19th June, 2017 [8:31pm]


"Hallo" is what the insect world says it to us. And we are the ones to hate them and mercilessly tread upon these lovely creatures. I say "Love them"

The Compound Vision


A Kiss of Love

It gives one a wonderful experience to observe the tiny little insects living their life and performing chores much like human beings.